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We are offering you customized big data solutions with our experience in Lambda Architecture.


Steps of Our Solutions

You can see how our solutions work. You can reach the basic summary of our Lambda Architecture implementation.


Collector with High Flexibility

The highly flexible collector that we call "worker" can collect data from sources directly to a server cluster with an optimized network load. Besides, our collector is consuming less processing power when collecting data.

Our collector supports security protocols like SSL and TLS.

Simple Processing of Raw Data

The raw data collected from edges are processing simply like getting country and city values from IP addresses. We can customize our solutions according to your selection like the name of the stream, bitrate, etc. What makes us stand out is using a better cache mechanism. Because Big Data solutions perform millions of operations, it is crucial to optimize processing power. Our solutions can use less processing power by using a better cache mechanism.

In theory, our solution provides an unlimited buffer as long as the pool is stable whether clusters have issues. Data pool can direct data to wherever you want.


Data that is enlarged at Data Pool came to the Persistency Layer before going to Speed Layer and Batch Layer. In this layer, each layer generates its pipeline. Our solutions read data then send it to the related layer.

Accelerating the Process

To accelerate processing, we are using great cloud computing technologies. We can scale our solutions as much as we want since we are using different technologies depending on your needs. Also, we can run more than one application on a server cluster.

Handling Errors

In this layer, our solutions computes the results with handling large quantities of data. Also, our solutions will handle the errors that occur in some layers. We can apply exactly-once for specialized solutions like streaming.


Important Features
of Our Solutions

With our experience in big data, we know the features of great solutions.

We prepare solutions considering lots of performance metrics to react optimal. If you want a solution, you want that solution should have great aspects. We are building our solutions with understanding your considered expectations.


Our solutions support different data types. Our solutions can be easily integrated with your data independently your data type.

High Performance

With our experience in big data, we are building our solutions to work with high performance. Our solutions use resources efficiently.


We optimize our solutions to provide better services. Our solutions can work with different technologies according to your needs.


We can present you with different dashboards and statistics according to the metrics you choose.


Pricing Plans of Our Solutions

We are building Enterprise solutions according to your wants and needs. In order to get a quote, please reach us!
  • 99% Open Source Softwares
  • Fully-optimized System
  • High Flexibility
  • Less CPU, Network and Source Usages
  • Integrated with different technologies
  • High Scalability
  • Well-designed Cache Mechanism
use cases

What We Offer For Your Business


It is important to see customer behavior patterns for the banking industry. With our solutions, you can make data-driven decisions and improve your internal process efficiency. Also, you can use data for security which is one of the crucial parts of the banking industry.


In media, you should predict the content that users want. With our solutions, you can reach the content viewing statistics and users' behaviors. To improve advertisement targeting, it is crucial to see statistics properly.


As an E-Commerce company, you want to make customers happy. To make customers happy, you need to know what their behaviors. Shopping pattern analysis, improving your customer services, predicting your plans are some of the benefits that our solutions can offer you.


To improve your network services for your customers, you need to know and interpret your network performance. With our solutions, you can reach your network statistics. Also, we can customize our solution for your needs.

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